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Oliver and Wanda DeGrandis


Good afternoon Bill,

We received an e-mail from Brad that you were looking for feedback regarding the Phoenix system.  We have been with Vollara for over three years.  We came in under another system and was unaware there was any other way to work the business.  To make a long story short, we were totally sold on the products and the vision and refused to give up even after it had depleted our entire savings following our up line's advise. After two years we were able to make Executive Manager, presented by you and Mr, Urso at the last August Convention, but were no closer to obtaining a lasting business than when we started. Close to deciding this may not be for us, we happened on to the Phoenix System. Bill, I want to tell you, this group of guys show true stewardship toward everyone. 

The Phoenix System is detailed, straightforward, direct, and workable. It truly gives you a vehicle to help so many more people.  In addition, they take the time to train you with four scheduled sessions a week, and make themselves easily assessable to answer any questions or concerns.

Fortunately Bill, we never lost our love for the products, or our belief in the vision, and just feel very thankful we found a system we can feel good about working with.  We have only recently been using the Phoenix System and are still learning more and more how to use all the tools available, but already can see a lot of interest and activity with our prospects,  and by passing it down to a couple of our partners, have seen their enthusiasm jump ten degrees.

We sincerely appreciate Brad, Dave, Bob, and Mike for their effort and time to share their expertise with all of us by creating this concise workable system. And, the best part, they are consistently improving it.

Since we have your attention, we would also like to express our appreciation for you and Mr. Urso, and the entire Vollara group for all the new products, tools, promotions, time, and most of all the "life" you have brought to our organization and the field.


Oliver and Wanda DeGrandis


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